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                                    Vuokrataan mökki Olhavanvuori 

                                        Vuokrataan mökki Repovesi         

                                                Majoitusta Repovesi

                                       Vuokrataan mökki Repovedellä

                            Vuokramökki Repovesi / mökki vuokralle Repovesi

                                       Olhavanvuori accommodations

                                           Repovesi accommodations

                                            Repovesi Cottage for rent


                              Cottage for rent


           near Olhavanvuori, Kouvola, Finland


                  (rockclimbing site Olhava)


         Located next to Repovesi National Park.


For more information about the climbing site, please visit at:   (in the down of the page choose: How can you help to make it happen? -> Tell your climbing friends -> "click here to continue to the site")



Google (picture) search "Olhavanvuori" .


Cottage rent from 250 euro/week


If interested, please contact at:

- coming up: rent via AirBnb



Frontpage picture is  from Olhavanvuori/ Repovesi National Park

See pictures at the picture gallery and general info at blog 28th February 2015!

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